Monday, September 19, 2016

Dallas Sunset

Dallas [ish] Sunset
I turned the blinds in the bedroom for more light. Was looking for something after a long day. Sunset flooded in. 
The further I get from my formative years the more I treasure them. This sunset reminds me of Dallas. These days Dallas is for me where IBM runs a computer we use, where my brother-in-law and his wife live, where several friends are. But it's no longer home. 
Dallas sunsets when I was in high school were warm. Climaticly, sure, but I mean figuratively. They heralded closure for the day without diminishing hope for tomorrow. 
I opened the blinds even further to let this particular sunset bathe the far wall. it felt good to take advantage of this end-of-day show God has provided, to drink in every ray of it. 
On the dresser, we have pictures of the kids when they were very young. The light shown on a photo of my son. My daughter's picture is there too. 
And then it angles down (or up, depending on your stance) and the sun drops below the horizon, looping around for another day. It's only 7:30! I was supposed to cut the grass. Shucks. 
click FF on the remote, time goes by
That was a week ago already. I left this in "Drafts". (Gotta quit doing that!) 
Certain recent news from Dallas reminds me to take advantage of these cycles. Each sunet in this life is followed by a sunrise, and that means a do-over. If the day was good, take note and rejoice. If it wasn't so good, just start over. God has given you an allotment of these do-overs. Use them well. 
I finally got the grass cut. 
-- R; <><

Sunday, September 4, 2016

one small step for a man

one small step for a man

Sometimes one small misstep can cascade into profound angst. Sometimes the day starts out great and then you literally wish you could turn back time and change one little thing.

By the way, Neil Armstrong famously said "for a man", but there was static on the transmission so we don’t remember it that way. Other than that, a lot of things went right on that day, including some software most people know nothing about. It's the small things that go right that get so little notice.

But for me, God why?
Why do these missteps continue to get center stage?
Dear Lord, please help. We're on this foreign soil on a mission. Please bring us home soon.

-- R: <><