Thursday, June 19, 2014

MISSING: certain old friends

MISSING: certain old friends

I was checking up on Facebook. (Always a dangerous thing. My sister mentioned just this past week what a terrible time sink it can be.) Happened to notice the graduation of the son of a friend. This friend is someone I haven't seen in a while ... a long while. Time flies. Kids grow!

Trying not to sink too much time, I did happen to notice a few links. Links lead to links ... I came across an older friend, someone I haven't seen in a longer while.

Life takes you to various places and you can lose touch with friends. It's natural to miss your old friends, especially those who you were particularly close to. I miss these old friends. But with respect to the latter, it's more than just miss.

Somewhere in there we seem to have had a falling out. I think I did something to tick him off, but I'm not sure what. I suspect it may have had to do with a certain sideline business he was into (something I didn't really respect, but common and culturally accepted; he did nothing wrong).

Careful What You Say

I said something. It probably wasn't all that harsh, but it surely wasn't supportive (of my friend). Maybe that was it - it's the only thing that makes sense. (A sizable chunk of my circle at the time was involved in this business.) All I know for sure is that he and I lost touch. We lost touch in a way that my feeble attempts to reconnect were never reciprocated.

Part of my desire to reconnect is to apologize if that is needed. If I did offend this guy, I'd like to know. But as it stands, I'm in the dark.

Maybe I've misread the situation. Maybe someday I'll know.

-- R; <><