Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nice Neighbors

Nice Neighbors

Jason and Sarah moved a couple months ago already. I paid my respects to the new residents, honestly glad to meet them, though sad to see the original occupants go. It was their first house. All three of their kids were born there. (I'd say in short order since it's only been 5 or 6 years.)

And now, there's a "for sale" sign in Brian's yard. He may be gone already. Marilyn said I should go speak with him earlier in the day, but for some reason I put it off. Later went over, rang the doorbell, ... nuthin. I hate it when that happens.

Can't Go Back

I'm not terribly nice after moving away. I don't keep connected with neighbors all that well. But what level of contact is "normal"? How many prior residences can anyone keep up with?

When we left the rental, I did not look back. Marilyn and the kids visited that street at least once. I was never interested. There was one neighbor, next door to us there, who was always sincerely friendly and I think she kept in touch with Marilyn to some extent.

Occasionally Reconnect

Chris and I were CB radio buddies when I was in high school. A lot happened to Chris, mostly after I went off to college. Radio remained a strong interest and Chris eventually upgraded to become a licensed ham/amateur. He remembered that I was similarly licensed and wanted to let me know, compare notes, and generally get back in touch. What an honor that someone bothered to look me up!

They Mean A Lot

Scripture gives us balancing points: this world is not our home, and love one another. One passage reminds us that our residence is temporary (even if one never relocated). The other passage says to relate to those around us (even if we move a lot). I think about Lionel and Nancy who hopped from comfy California to tempestuous Tejas. I pray for them because I understand the shock of uprooting.

Dunno if we'll ever see Jason or Sarah again. It was kind of them to send cookies around the whole street at Christmas time. For our part, we brought a meal once. Felt good to help out. Jason was my go-to guy for yard care tips.

Brian was a blessing too. When I left the big company for a small one and needed independent health coverage, he clued me in on what to do. (He's been a consultant off and on for a long time.)

And that's the point. These people were in our lives for a time, now they've moved on, and we will eventually too.
God weaves a tapestry with our lives.

-- R; <><