Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Father, Please Help

Our Father, Please Help

It's vital for Christians to spend time with God. In my circles, we call it "quiet time".

Any relationship needs one-to-one time. The Lord has promised that He would never leave us. But do we leave Him? Sometimes we do. (Even if not by way of some sin.)

For me, it's a struggle to make that time. Probably partly my natural disorganized psyche. Partly surely the crunch of circumstances.

I thank God for "the Lord's Prayer". Some days, that's all I can manage. On most days, that's how I start anyway: consciously repeating the words from Matthew 6 and Luke 11. And listen.

Not fond of ritual, I avoided repetition in my own life for many years. But now, for the sake of consistency, I do it, almost daily. I need it. If I can do more, cover a list of things to talk with Him about, spend a little time reading His Word, so much the better. But I gotta have something. I don't need a liturgy, I just need Him.

-- R; <><